The key to your success is a customized plan that works with your life.

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Healthy at any age
Healthy Couple

Helping adults reverse diabetes symptoms, reduce medication dependency, & heal body imbalances 

Program Highlights:

  • Sustainable results

  • Gentle & caring approach

  • Trusted specialist

  • Strategic personalized action steps

  • Life changing nutrition program

Learn how to regulate blood glucose levels by eating foods that don't spike your sugar levels. 

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Sustain a healthy weight forever by learning how to balance your food intake. 

Ditch the medications  for high cholesterol & blood pressure by changing your lifestyle

Gain your energy levels back with nutrients your body needs

Julie, thank you very much for helping me learn how to put together balanced meals and understand that I can allow myself to enjoy eating again without fear or guilt. Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader along this journey!

From My Rock Star Clients 

""Mini accomplishment here today!! I can finally see the difference in my workout clothes! I was like oh my goodness look how small my waist is getting! I haven’t felt this great in a long time!

Thank you Julie!!"

“Julie, thank you very much for teaching me to learn how to put balanced meals together and 

understand that I can allow myself to enjoy eating again without fear or guilt. Thank you  for being my biggest cheerleader along this journey!”

Coaching Services

If you're like all the other thousands of people that have been diagnosed with diabetes or was told you better lose weight NOW by the doctor, you're not alone.  

You must have been scared, confused, angry, sad, self-blaming, and depressed. I've seen this in my own family.  I've seen diabetes T2 enter our lives, and cause havoc with hypoglycemia, peripheral artery disease, high blood pressure, & multiple amputations.  

I'm not trying to scare anyone, but this is all true.  It's also true that two of my family members have reversed the symptoms of diabetes. Yes! That's right! No more insulin and their eating and lifestyle habits are completely under control.  

Here's how they did it the natural way:

1. They learned the foods that minimally raise blood sugar levels.

2. They learned the benefits of fiber and how it can help diabetes.

3. They learned how important proper amounts of water consumption is.

4. They learned easy portion control strategies.

5. They learned how to add more physical activity in their every day life.

6. They learned how to eat without restrictions or dieting.

7. They learned self-care management. 

8. They learned how to handle food temptations, bingeing, & life's obstacles. 

Most importantly, they now have a sustainable great food relationship.  This is how I can help you.  We will work together to come up with a plan to successfully reach your goals the natural way. I will teach you the secrets to keeping your blood sugar levels regulated, while lowering your risk of other health ailments.  This is not an easy journey, but YOU are worth the work, the investment, and the time involved, not to mention, the money you will be saving from medical expenses.   


Let's talk if:

  • You are overweight due to out of control eating and inactivity.

  • At risk for diabetes, heart disease, or other ailments due to obesity.

  • You have tried every diet in the book and the weight just keeps coming back. 

  • You don't want to spend your hard earned cash on non-scientific proven products (shakes, pills, cleanse products).

  • You want the weight loss to be sustainable and life lasting.

  • You are willing to commit the time and finances to make this dream come true.

  • You are ready for an amazing lifelong transformation!!

Julie Reuter, MS

Certified Nutrition Coach


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Services offered by phone, computer, or in-person

Disclaimer: Julie is not a doctor or a registered dietician. It is always recommended to check with your doctor when making any changes in your lifestyle.  

Julie Reuter, MS
Certified Nutrition Coach
1151 Hilltop Drive
Redding, CA 96003