My name is Julie Reuter, Certified Nutrition Coach and owner of Nutrition Worx.  I had always had an internal motivation and passion to eat well and exercise regularly.  I wasn't perfect, and like thousands of others, I was always searching for the next best diet, fad, and quick fix.  After experimenting and failing time and time again, I started counting my daily macronutrient intake, and this resulted in a whole new relationship with food. My energy was amazing, I lost weight, and I felt incredible.  Soon after, our family was traumatically affected by diabetes T2, a disease preventable by a healthy lifestyle.  


My 82-year-old father started having major complications from diabetes.  He was diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease, which resulted iartery blockages in his legs. Because he had

minimal blood flow, he ultimately had a leg amputation.  The doctors said this all stemmed from unhealthy eating.  My sister and I immediately started educating our father on eating whole foods, drinking lots of water, exercising, and controlling his macronutrient intake. As a result, he no longer needed insulin, and his energy levels came back. This was an amazing transformation!  


These events inspired me to want to help others.  Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other ailments can be prevented through nutrition and exercise.  I wanted to spread the word, educate, and be a part of the solution of a problem that affects millions.  Thus, Nutrition Worx was created.  Let me help you become your best!